Melissa Reisinger, Health Care Advocate

I became interested in alternative health in 2002 when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  Many years of research made me realize the correlation between diet, environmental toxins, and disease. Most people do not realize that their skin is their largest organ and that it absorbs EVERYTHING you put on it.  That is why it is even more important to read labels and not put anything on your skin or take into your body that you cannot eat. Mother Nature and God created the perfect world. Man-made chemicals have plunged that world into chaos and disease.

Like many people, I started out being a customer of Emerald Essentials because I was super impressed with the ingredients, high quality of the products and low cost. In February 2012, I started using the organic skincare and, within weeks, I noticed that my acne was clearing up along with the dark spots on my face. I was amazed because I had spent thousands of dollars trying to cover the acne with heavy makeup and burn off the dark spots with chemical peels, neither of which worked.

After that success, I began using the nutritional products and weight started to melt off. I had been trying to lose 30 pounds that I had gained the past several years and nothing else seemed to work. I came to realize that I needed to release the toxins in my body in order to release the weight and found that Emerald Essentials’s sea vegetables (Emerald Sea) are one of the best ways to do that. Sea vegetables contain organic iodine which boosts your metabolism naturally. Combined with Emerald Essentials Action Whey, these products made my dramatic weight release relatively quick, painless, and tasty! These products have improved my life greatly.

After experiencing the results of using Emerald Essentials products and learning about the company and its wonderful people, in October 2012, I seized on the opportunity of becoming a shareholder of Emerald Essentials. I am proud to represent such an amazing company that produces first-class products, provides individuals an opportunity to benefit from a generous compensation plan, and helps spread the knowledge needed to enjoy great health.