The Millionaire Mindset

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Many people dream of being rich, but never quite succeed. Why? It turns out that they are not programming themselves to take in wealth. We are the sum of our experiences, which impact our thinking and our emotions. We need to clarify our thoughts about wealth. If we are carrying around conflicting emotions on the subject of money, then money will never come to us.

Growing up, did we hear things like, “Money is the root of all evil, money doesn’t grow on trees, money doesn’t buy happiness, rich people are corrupt, or no matter how hard I work I never make enough money to pay my bills?” The list of excuses can be endless.

Do you feel resentful or angry when someone else is more successful than you? How does that work out for you? Probably not too well. You must clear your mind of negative thoughts if you choose to succeed. If you are looking for things to go wrong, they will. The universe will not disappoint you. So concentrate on what you want, not what you do not want.

If you continue to have a victim mentality that rich people always screw the unfortunate, or if you are thinking “poor me” (for having less), you will NEVER be rich. When you change your negative thoughts to positive thoughts, you change your life for the better. You need to stop waiting for others to save you. Start taking control and be not afraid to take more risks. In other words, get out of your comfort zone. Success is an inside (the head) job!

It’s when you have nothing that you can do anything. Things have been taken away from you because they were holding you back. When you have nothing left to lose, you have no more fear. When you are fearless, you are unstoppable, according to Markus Rothkrantz, who wrote The Prosperity Secret.

Some major differences in the thinking between poor and rich people are:

• Poor people are dictated by others in life (circumstances, boss, children); Rich people are the dictators of their life.

• Poor people believe that life is made up of random happenings so they have someone to blame; Rich people believe that they create their own life.

• Poor people make decisions based on fear of loss; Rich people make decisions to gain more.

• Poor people make decisions based on limiting beliefs because they do not believe in themselves; Rich people make decisions from confidence in themselves.

• Poor people quit; Rich people do not quit.

• Poor people learn and follow the herd (the 96%) to the slaughterhouse by listening to their broke friends and relatives; Rich people continuously expand their intellectual wealth.

• Poor people get paid by the hour; Rich people get paid for the value they bring to the marketplace.

• Poor people accept mediocrity as a reality; Rich people create solutions to make their dreams a reality.

• Poor people see and prepare for negative results; Rich people see and expect positive results.

• Poor people rely on hopes and prayers and remain idle; Rich people have vision and take action.

• Poor people dwell in current circumstances; Rich people see the outcome they choose regardless of the current circumstances.

To learn how to change your beliefs and embrace wealth, also read The Prosperity Secret by Markus Rothkrantz. prosperity2e


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