Pleasure and Pain, The Elements of the SAD Diet

Posted by on Jun 24, 2013 in Blog

overweightThe Standard American Diet (SAD) is becoming recognized more widely as an unhealthy way to eat. However, even though people recognize this, they are slow to change their eating habits. That is because people are conditioned to a way of life where they are constantly seeking pleasure while avoiding pain.

Because SAD food generally is easy to access and quickly creates perceived pleasure, people are attracted to it like a magnet. Just like bears that are attracted to honey and are willing to put up with multiple bee stings just to access a nest of bees and eat the honey, people are attracted to junk food and sweets and are willing to put up with chemical toxins, GMO’s, and pesticides just to satisfy their addictive cravings.

In other words, the perceived pleasure of eating SAD food hides the reality that the SAD food is slowly, but consistently creating pain in the form of disease, body deterioration, chronic depression, overall dissatisfaction with the quality of life, and early death.

In turn, the poor quality of life and other pain permeates the thinking of people and impedes their ability to live a full life and get along with other people. It is small wonder that the majority of the world’s peoples are conflicted and dissatisfied with the quality of their lives. Individuals are at war within themselves and among themselves.

As people become more aware of and understand the effects of SAD food on their lives, they will begin to change their eating habits. But it will be a slow, bumpy process, with many starts and stops. Understandably, it is difficult for people to change their eating habits when their minds are conditioned by the media to gaining immediate pleasure.

The media are paid by the food companies, via television commercials and magazine advertisements, to convince people that the food companies’ products will provide them pleasure. And the food companies are not just satisfied to use the media, they are involving governmental agencies in their scheme to control people’s thinking. For example, the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is bombarded by outside influence to relax controls over food, so that the food companies can sell more pleasurable, enticing foods, even if those foods are unhealthy and (in some cases) are known to sicken or kill people. The “murder” (slow death) is carried out over a period of time so that it is not so obvious as to raise immediate concern. Besides, people think that their government is looking out for their best interests and cannot fathom that it would let companies do such terrible things.

The main idea here is not to bash the food companies or the government, but to inform people of what is happening so that they may take the action to change their lives for the better. People need to take back control of their lives, reduce governmental interference, and build up trust among one another to become neighbors who look out for one another. People need to read about what is happening, not from the mainstream media, but from alternative sources, like, who is not influenced by corporate or government interests.

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